Monday, February 9, 2015

Photo-a-day challenge - MANIC!

Again, Mondays are crazy for us and throw in a few more things and I'm in over my head on what needs to get done. Ok, what I want to get done. Not much of what we're doing actually needs to get done. Sorting toys, selling Girl Scout Cookies, planning for Valentine's Day handout to classmates, etc. etc. etc. Love it all but sometimes it catches up with you.

But happy to say that we have sold our cookie allotment and plus through Sofia's Brownie Troop, Sofia started her own Valentine's today and I started on Olivia's (it's going to be a joint effort for her and I and I'm really excited about them - stay tuned for that post!). Olivia decided on a 100 days of school project and so we just need to get the pieces together and toys will always be there to sort so no since getting all manic about them really.

Whew. Happy Monday to you all!

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