Sunday, February 22, 2015

Photo-a-day challenge - Simple Sunday

This is the start of my last week of the photo challenge! Where did February go?! I for one am happy to see it end and bring on March. Hoping for warmer temperatures since February has proved to be one of the coldest months we've had in years! Yikes.

No fun for us since I love taking Mario out and about. And he loves it too but honestly some of these days we've had have been brutal. I'm sure folks in Canada and Alaska are scoffing at our temperatures but us southerners are not accustomed to single digit temperature days.

Thankfully we occupy ourselves indoors as best we can. And with whatever we can find too. Mario has a new love for stacking and is quite good at it. And entertains himself for a little bit also. Buys me some time in the kitchen anyway and I'll take that anyday!

My sweet boy.

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