Tuesday, January 10, 2017

when temps keep you in

Give me a snowy, freezing temperature day where I don't have to be out of the house and I'd cuddle up with books and be the happiest. Give me the same wintery scenario but ADD a toddler, a very active toddler, and that changes the story line a bit.

My little man loves being outside but even he couldn't last more than 30 minutes in the freezing temps we have had lately. So he and I make the best of it indoors without going too crazy. A little crazy is totally acceptable. And expected.

He's very attached to his cars and will spend time lining them all up and talking to them while he's "Oganizin" - his word but mama's love. He dumps the car bin out and is beyond happy. Lines them up on the floor, on the furniture, on the window bench. Takes time and energy. Win-win.

He just really begun getting into puzzles which thank goodness because the girls loved (and still love) them and hence, he already has plenty to choose from. We are starting with the cool wooden ones with few pieces and the large floor puzzles. Check out the firetruck one he recently received as a gift! He is also going through a mad firetruck phase and I'm enjoying that. He gets all his trucks together, talks about the equipment, makes the wi-hoo sounds all throughout the house. It's incredible. And don't get me started when we're in the car and he spots one. It's better than Disney World at this point.

Another fun indoor favorite for him are his trains. He inherited many from when Olivia was really into trains as a toddler and more here and there from gifts. He can set up the tracks on his own with little help and "choo-choos" his engines for a good bit of time. Usually the amount of time it takes me to prep lunch or dinner. Yay! 

Staying in with an active toddler takes work, don't get me wrong. I do turn on the TV when I need to get in the shower or after exhausting other activities. But he's plenty engaged with his own toys and some encouragement on my part. And if all that fails, go out for a few minutes in the freezing temps for a change of scenery (and temperature) suiting up alone takes up time and they'll be happy to see their toys when you come back in.

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