Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunrise with my girls

We recently took a family trip with my husband's family to the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic. We've gone in the past and have enjoyed the islanders, the resort, the beaches and of course the sunrises. I'm an early riser and give me the opportunity to watch the sun rise and I'm ready, armed with my camera. This trip was no different for me but rather than taking in the sunrise alone, I recruited my two favorite girls on separate visits to the beach nice and early to watch the complete transformation of the sky. It was perfect.

First up was Olivia and as soon as I called her name to wake up that morning, she jumped awake and was ready to go. A short walk to the beach and then we just had to wait. The sky takes on so many different costume changes in such a relatively short period and each is unique and beautiful. I love that we caught the moon out still on both visits.

Sofia woke up earlier than needed to because she said she was so excited. We dressed, grabbed an early morning snack and set off for the same spot I was at just a couple days prior with Olivia. The same spot but the sky took on a completely different look but still took my breath away.

Such a special moment of my day shared with these two incredible little ladies oi mine. An experience I will carry with me and a memory I will cherish of my girls.

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