Thursday, January 12, 2017

playing is fun when you're with mario luca

this guy is amazing. i know, i know, as his mother you wouldn't expect me to say he's not amazing or fun to hang out with. yes, he just turned 3 and i'm going to be completely honest...3 is tough. he's wiser, more independent, more aware, knows what he's doing but he's still little, still innocent, still my baby.

he's playful, sweet, demanding, becoming more and more articulate by the hour. of course, as his mother i understand just about everything since i spend the most time with him and to others it still sometimes comes out as toddler gibber-gabber. without asking he'll give hugs and kisses, his smiles lights up the room if you offer him sliced apples, avocado or chocolate. 

and man oh man does he love to play. he's doing great playing on his own too and you can often hear him talking to his toys about whatever adventure they're enlisted in at the moment. he fights fires, fixes cars, cooks dinner (his favorite thing to make me is ice cream), and he even fixes various furniture and doors around the house with his tool set. he's very handy like that. 

solo play is so important for this age and i completely understand why. he needs to learn to play on his own, entertain himself and learn to need anyone else to have fun. it's hard when he's having an extra special sweet moment of throwing himself into his toys (sometimes literally) to not join in the fun. 

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