Sunday, January 1, 2017

greetings and salutations

i used to like the idea of making new year's resolutions. i'd never come up with anything really profound but it passed the time on new year's eve to go through a small list of things i'd like to accomplish beginning at the stroke of midnight. it was fun to go around the room and talk about it with fellow new year's eve party-goers. i wish i had written them down to go back through now and see the ridiculous things i wanted. all the obvious things i'm sure like eat better, read more, spend less. pretty typical.

this tradition stopped when i realized that i didn't need it to be a new year to come up with a new list. each day is a new day to begin fresh regardless of where it falls on the calendar. it's great to have goals, to set expectations for yourself, to hold yourself accountable. you don't need the date to have any hold on you though. you do it because you want to and because it feels right, right then. yes, it's a new year and many think to start fresh, but every second, minute, hour and day is also a time to begin anew.

i welcome the new year. i look forward to what i will bring to it, not what it will bring to me.

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