Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a photo becomes her

I quite honestly have thousands upon thousands of pictures taken while in Italy.  To be in all that rich surrounding how could I not just want to soak it up, be a part of it as much as I can and hold onto the feeling by simply one little click. Or in my case, thousands of little clicks. 

A picture can bring me back to where I was, what wrapped me up and how it felt on my body and in my mind. What drew me in and allowed me to get lost for that moment however simple or complex it was for me.

In taking many pictures of absolutely anything and everything, I wholeheartedly fall in love with many of them. I see, I feel and I need. I see an image and allow my eyes to bask in its splendor, allow it to captivate me, to lure me in. The need to capture it precisely how it made me feel is urgent. I want to feel that over and over again. I want to throw myself into the moment again and again. It's not just a picture to me, it's an extension of me. It's part of me forever and forever will I be a part of it.

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