Sunday, January 24, 2010

Art on display

Sofia's favorite pastime for awhile now has been painting. Give her a white sheet of paper and she will doodle it up with many creations. She's a huge fan of finger-painting. Probably because that involves painting (duh!) and getting her fingers messy. I do have to add that while she does enjoy getting her fingers covered in the goopy colors, she does not like to get any other part of her dirty and will point out to me when that has happened so I can come to her rescue with a washcloth. It's pretty amusing actually, since I was the same exact way as a child. Never liked getting my hands dirty. Oh well, regardless of whether she's neat or messy, she has a great time painting and assures me about 20-30 minutes of good, "clean" fun.

Just last week, I grabbed one of her many pieces of art we have around the house and decided to put it on display. I had four 5x7 frames with pictures in them already (scenery photos that I had taken) and took them out for her artwork. They are now on display in the upstairs bathroom, outside the girls' rooms and look adorable! And Sofia LOVED it - she was so excited to show off her framed art to Anthony!

1 comment:

  1. That looks so cute!! I was just at Walmart yesterday looking for frames for Madeline's artwork but didn't get anything. Maybe I'll see what we already have around the house like you did!
    You'll have to put up a pic of how they look in the bathroom


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