Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When in Abruzzo we always make a point to visit the quaint town of Castelli. Nestled high on a mountainside, Castelli draws visitors from all over. We wouldn't know it though because each time we visit it feels as if we're the only ones in town. The ceramic shops that line the streets are never crowded and we can take our time walking the alleyways taking pictures.

I adore this house! Each year we have visited Castelli, I have taken basically the same picture of this house. This year I was able to meet the lady of the house and she even let me in for a little tour - gorgeous on the inside as well as out. I did not take any pictures inside since I thought that might be rude. Firstly, she was not expecting guests and I am sure she wouldn't have appreciated a random girl snapping pictures of her things. Lastly, I was too entranced by the place...a tiny little staircase leading to a modern loft, high-tech kitchen in the corner and a gorgeous little balcony overlooking the cobble-stoned street below. It was breathtaking.


The view from a side-street in Castelli

The church in Castelli 2008 - the ceramic picture of the Madonna had scratches and pieces of it missing

The church in 2009 - just like new again!

Sofia - my little flower girl

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