Monday, January 25, 2010

Artwork update

My friend Megan posted a comment about Sofia's recent painting and wanted to see the finished outcome in the room. So here it is:

Like I had posted, I already had pictures in these frames previously and even left the same nail spots in the wall - I'm notorious for making a mess even when hanging a picture. It has to be just right and naturally, getting it just right can take a couple of tries. For me anyway. I had bought these simple white frames at Ikea way back when and they are super cheap. For future displays, I will most likely use a slightly bigger frame and then use a mat to make the art really stand out.


  1. that looks super cute!! Now i REALLY can't wait to get Maadeline's work up!
    My friend did an art project with her one year old that I was going to try with Ethan :

  2. Megan - I just went to your friend's blog for that art post and it looks adorable! Sofia would love that!


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