Monday, January 12, 2015

first snow of 2015

We had our first snow just last week and while it didn't call for a delay or school cancellation, it was a nice welcome to Winter. Normally, I'm a huge fan of snow days...slow mornings, girls go out for a little, hot chocolate and that eeery but beautiful quiet that comes with the snowfall.

It happened to come on one of Olivia's half days of Kindergarten and the second I picked her up from school, she couldn't get the words "mommy can I play in the snow when we go home?" fast enough. She put her backpack away and ate her lunch in record time and then spent 20 blissful minutes outside alone playing. It was adorable.

My big girl, happy mommy came out for a minute here and there while Mario played in the pack n play wondering what all the fuss was about. Next time Mario will get suited up too to join in the fun.

Back inside and all cozied up practicing her writing. Love this little sweet thing so much.

Later I ventured back outside alone to wait for Sofia to come home...our porch decor. I haul that old galvanized tub around our house all the time looking for the perfect spot and I always settle it here on the porch next to my vintage bottle crate. I love that crate. Not enough to clean it and display in it in the house though, it's home to a couple spiders right now so I don't really get too near it these days. And that tree. I love it. We didn't decorate our porch tree this Christmas aside from the red bow but I just love the simplicity of it so much. AND I don't have to un-decorate it when it's time to throw it away.

My big 2nd grader, home from school and also asking the minute I see her if she can go out to play in the snow. I feel like I'm looking in a mirror sometimes when I stare into her face. I love this girl so much.

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