Sunday, January 18, 2015

Party, Party, Party!

And so now this marks 3 1st birthday celebrations for my little man but that's ok. Celebrated with Pennsylvania family and friends this past weekend and couldn't have had a better time. Even missing his afternoon nap, Mario Luca was in awesome spirits and was whisked around by family and close friends and finally settled on Daddy for a little disco nap before gearing up for more party fun.
Totally loving to touch the icing, but eat it not so much. At this point, he definitely didn't get his teeth from his mama since mine are all sweet and he wants little to do with sugar. More for my girls and I!

Honestly the sweetest face ever. My little 1 year old! Can't believe how great this past year has been and how blessed our last 7 and a half years have been as parents!

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