Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Arrivederci 2014, Hello 2015! I still need to do my re-cap of the year but with how busy the past week and a half were, I haven't yet posted Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures. So here goes...lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!

My girls, all dolled up and ready for Christmas Eve mass and then dinner at Nonna Mario and Nonno Mario's house

Boys in bowties! Love this 3 generation picture.

Funny face picture with Nonna Mario and Nonno Mario!

Home from dinner, reindeer food and Santa's snack left out and Santa's elves finished up delivering his treats!

Happy, smiling faces Christmas morning!

Someone loved his truck!

After breakfast at home we were off to Maryland for Christmas Day fun...our attempt at the cousins in front of the tree. Mario was ready to take off though and the others couldn't wait to open gifts.

Nonna Lisa and Nonno Nicky get to open gifts too! Yay for a crab cage for Nonno!

Lovely chaos.

She LOVED her hair chalk, had been talking about it for months and was so excited to receive it. Thankfully, it washes right out of her hair pretty easily.

My boys with my boy...

peek-a-boo zio!

Cousin Jeff came over too with a few gifts that Santa left at his house!

A few crazy awesome days, but a highlight...the nap I took the day after on my parent's couch in front of their gorgeous tree.

Buon Natale! Hope you all had a great one too!!!

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