Wednesday, January 28, 2015

La festa

Mario's first Festa della Madonna del Carmine, July 15th- July 17th each year and our baby boy celebrated it for the first time with us this past summer. I think Anthony was very excited about showing him the ropes of the festival.

My guys. Daddy is proud to show off his little man.

The procession begins at the church where my parents were married, Madonna del Carmine and makes it way down the street to Chiesa Madre in centro storico, the old city of Mesagne. It's a pretty great production, most of the town turns out for it as well as visitors from nearby towns. And those from Maryland and Pennsylvania too.

Our very beautiful Madonna del Carmine

Chiesa Madre in centro storico

Each year we follow the procession to the square just outside the old city and while the procession stops to speak to the crowd, we make our way to our favorite pizza place in town and grab the perfect spot to watch the remainder of the procession pass us by.

Olivia is actually holding a little toy behind daddy's drink, not the drink itself.

Happy grandkids, happy grandparents. Mario's trying to get that sock off. Look of determination on his sweet little face.

After the procession, eating delicious pizza and sides we're off to the rides. We met with a friend of mine and his son this year to enjoy the rides together. The kids had so much fun!

Should I be concerned that both girls were great on the motorcycles?!?

Those smiling faces that night were out of this world. 

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