Thursday, January 22, 2015


Not too far from the Adriatic Coast up on a hill overlooking olive trees, is the town of Alberobello. Translated literally it's tree pretty, but that sounds weird so we say pretty tree. It's an adorable little town full of little homes called trulli houses. Cone-shaped roofs and round first floors that's what these trulli houses are known for. Some in town have been turned into shops, pubs and restaurants while most in the historic center are still homes to the people of Alberobello.

Walking down one of the many hilly streets and turn and you will spot an image like this...breathtaking, right?

You can go to the roof of a trullo and overlook all of Alberobello.

My little model posing in what used to store olive oil. I love these jugs and would love to have one in our backyard here.

Trulli houses. Some even have symbols painted on the roofs.

Inside the door of a seamstress. I spy a little girl's profile in the reflection.

Numero 31 - just thought they had a very pretty set up for their entry. How amazing would that be if this were your front door?


And triple the love with these little amazing little beings. Love that they had another great visit to Alberobello! Yes, that is a part of a gelato in Olivia's hand. Every trip ends with ice cream!

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