Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bring on Spring

Well, the first day of Spring has come and gone. Now to just hope that the rest of the season was as beautiful as this past weekend. Not a cloud in the sky, warm temps and the slightest of breezes to make the blaring sun more than enjoyable. It was a perfect weekend.

To kick off Spring right, we went to the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday morning. I love the zoo and luckily for me, the girls do too. Sofia's first choice of animal to see were the lions, but when we arrived at their gates, she decided against it and opted to see the monkeys instead. All morning she had been talking about seeing the lions and then last minute changes her mind. We did see a baby orangutan in the monkey house, so that definitely made up for missing out on the lions and tigers.

A quick pit-stop for a pretzel in the Children's Zoo

Sofia gets her picture taken in these cut-outs every time and this time she chose the carrot. Of course, the only decent picture I got of her was with her mouth still full of pretzel. I think it adds character, don't you?!

Only Olivia was paying somewhat attention to mommy trying to get a picture of her three cuties. Oh well, I still think they're pretty adorable. Sofia was brushing her hair out of her face and Anthony was looking good in his Inter jersey (that I bought him for Christmas). You probably can't tell from the picture, but Olivia was clapping.

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