Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buon Compleanno Sofia!

My little girl is 3! We had a really great day despite the rainy weather. I tried to make the day extra special for her even though we weren't going to really be able to go out anywhere. We did go by the bank and she got a lollipop. I'm beginning to think that's the only thing she thinks we do at the bank!

After the bank, we went to the dollar store and picked up 2 birthday balloons for her. She picked out a Mickey Mouse one and one that read 'Happy 3rd Birthday.' Once we got home (and dried ourselves off because it really started coming down outside), she carried the balloons around with her and enjoyed her lollipop until there was nothing left.

My mom brought my brother Antonio up so he could spend a few days with us during his Spring Break and you would have thought that this was Sofia's birthday present. She LOVES Zio Antonio and is having a great time with him around. Of course, she now has to share him with Olivia too!

I took our traditional milestone picture with her doggy...

She absolutely loved her cake. I can't wait to watch the video back to hear her little voice again when she realized that it really was a Peep, Chirp and Quack birthday cake.

Olivia clapped along with everyone else after Sofia blew out the candle...

Sofia enjoyed her cake that she picked out at the grocery store herself - Red Velvet!

Olivia watches as her big sister opens up the gift she "bought" for her. Look at those eyes, they really are so beautiful!

2 Peep and the Big Wide World books with stickers - does Olivia know her big sister or what?!

Sofia also received her Easter basket from Uncle Danny, Zia Paola and Baby Simon which she dug right into and had fun with a couple days early.

Sofia with Nonno Mario and Nonna Maria

The ball pit was a big hit even with Simon and Olivia. $1 pool from the dollar store and 200 crush-free colorful balls makes for an excellent birthday gift for a toddler. I see many happy smiles around this toy. And many misplaced red, green and yellow balls around our house.

Family picture - Sofia and Olivia were too preoccupied to look at the camera

My tired little girl "swimming" in her birthday present


  1. Nate and I say Happy Birthday, Sophia!!!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Sofia mia.
    i love you!!!

    Zio Antonio


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