Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wind in the Willows

Antonio was with us for a few days this week for his Spring Break and we all loved having him here. Sofia and Olivia especially. Yesterday we had some cold, rainy weather but we braved the outdoors anyway and went into Philadelphia to meet up with Anthony for lunch. Then we came home and stayed inside the rest of the day. It was that gross out.

Today was a different story almost completely. It was windy and not nearly as chilly, but most importantly, the sun was out and shining. And we didn't want to waste a moment of this gorgeous day. So this morning we took a drive through some estates not far from our town and to The Willows, a beautiful estate that is open to the public. Gorgeous grounds and a small lake is really all you need on a day like today.

We took a short walk down to the lake, which thanks to all the rain we've had lately, is pretty high. We didn't see any fish in the water, but there were plenty of ducks and geese about.

I came prepared with crackers for the ducks, but seeing how I didn't want us to get in trouble, we kept them for ourselves.

Sofia had a great time outside watching the water flow down from the lake into the stream that runs through the property. I think she was determined to spot a fish.

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