Wednesday, March 17, 2010

practice makes perfect

Well, should I apologize to Sofia now or later? Seems as if she might just be a little perfectionist just like her mommy.

With so many things on a day-to-day basis she will do something over and over until she has got it the way she wants it. If she's building a tower of blocks she will sit and build until it's exactly the way she wants it to be. If it falls over mid-way, she knocks it down and starts over again. Yes, she gets a little frustrated in the process, but when she's done with it, boy do we have a very happy little girl on our hands.

Every year now before her birthday, we teach her how many she is going to be on her hands. Obviously, one was pretty easy. Two was ok too, but three is a hold new ballgame. Getting your thumb to hold your pinky finger down on its own is tough! But every once in awhile I catch her practicing and it's adorable. So, this week I grabbed the camera to try and catch our little perfectionist on camera. I think she's got it!

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