Monday, January 24, 2011

a great end to a great weekend

The weekend came and went.

Friday night was Palumbi Pizza night with friends at our house. Palumbi Pizza night is something we started a few months back when we got into the swing of making our own dough. My mom has been telling me to do this for 7 years. She was right. Again. Thanks Mom. The dough just gets easier to make with practice and I'm brave enough to serve the pizza to my family and now our friends. No complaints yet.

Anthony was at a conference most of the day on Saturday and we had no real plans but after a few hours of playing in the house and basically tearing it apart - them not me - we went out for a walk. With temps in the very low 30's we didn't stay out too long, but just enough to get some fresh air and play with the snow. The girls were armed with sand shovels and a trip around the block took us forever. It was fun, but it was even more fun to come back indoors to the warmth. I worked Saturday night and it was VERY busy. People kept coming in and asking what we were giving away by the sheer number of people waiting to be seated. I don't work Saturdays very often but an occasional weekend night keeps me on my toes. Literally.

So, that brings us to Sunday. Our family day out of the weekend and it was great. From start to finish it was truly smile inducing. Starting with Anthony making breakfast for us all and ending with he and I eating dinner alone together (heaven) while the girls watched a show in the other room. Everything in between made me smile... heading out with the family for a drive and then going out for lunch, the girls actually sitting through lunch and being really really good, visiting a good friend that recently brought home their new bundle of joy (and getting my newborn fix for the moment) and catching up with family and friends in between. I even did a load of laundry. I dare say, it was a perfect day.

And that little girl in the picture...perfectly adorable isn't she? My almost 4-year-old, love that girl more than words can express.

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