Monday, January 31, 2011


I really did have the best weekend. We were in Maryland from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon and from start to finish it was fun. The girls were extra silly and loved the extra attention. My parents and Antonio loved having the girls run around and make more noise then probably necessary and the shower was a great time. We had such a nice group of women together to share in Chaela's excitement of the coming birth of their little boy. He is going to be one very loved and spoiled bambino!

The delicious cake from The Cakery in Bowie. That's also the same place where I got the miniature pastries from - can you say YUMMY!?! And the favors - chocolate star lollipops and all the blue!

Chaela, her sister Tricia and her mom all super excited for this little one to be here!

I still can't believe my brother is going to be a daddy. It kind of makes me feel really old, but in a good way. But I will say that getting older is totally different than growing up. One you have to do and the other is a choice you make! My brother is doing both.

The very happy parents-to-be! And the other diaper cake.

Snuggling with the girls and watching some cartoons after a very busy and fun day.  It was the perfect remedy for sore feet and tired cheek muscles from all the smiling. Snuggling with these two can cure anything.

After lunch on Sunday with the girls...and the little man still baking away.

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