Monday, January 10, 2011

love my baby's profile

I love Olivia's profile. Not sure what it is that I like best about it either...those adorable cheeks, that little nose or those pouty little lips. Or maybe it's that wispy little bit of hair framing her face. 

I made one of those profile silhouette pictures of Sofia's when she was a big younger and I've been meaning to make one of Olivia as well. If you're interested in learning to make one on your own, this is a great site for a step-by-step tutorial. Of course, if you're subject will sit still long enough, you could always try and hand trace it on your own like we did when we were younger. Neither of my girls will sit for more than a few seconds if they know that I'm trying to trace their profile. Just use a camera, so much quicker and then you can take your time with it in Photoshop.


  1. thank you! I can't wait for our kids to meet one another one day!


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