Sunday, January 23, 2011

how time flies

When we arrived in Italy for Sofia's 2nd trip abroad, my mom had bought her the cutest little romper. Red and white with tiny little flowers. Light and airy which is perfect for those very hot Italian summer days but still dainty and girly for my little princess. I don't need to express how cute she looked in it or how many times she wore it that summer.

I didn't get rid of any of Sofia's clothes. Sure, there was the occasional item handed out to family and friends that was never worn, sometimes with the price-tag still attached in hopes that they would find some closet space. We were truly blessed with the number of outfits Sofia received (and still receives). But this little piece, the red and white with tiny flowers, I remembered above all when my second little princess was born and I knew she would look just as cute in it as her big sister did.

The above picture is why I love that little outfit so much. It was such a wonderful memory of Sofia wearing it and playing in the piazza in San Cosimo in the summer of 2008. Confined to her stroller for the visit to the church and the zoo, finally she was free to run about in the near empty square. And run she did. To hers and our enjoyment, she ran and giggled and ran and giggled some more. She was such a sight and even if I didn't have those pictures from that day, I would still be able to remember that evening in my little bird, set free and just running and giggling to her heart's content. My cheeks hurt so much from smiling, it would be difficult to forget such a precious moment.

Fast forward two years to this past summer in Italy. And you bet I packed that same little romper for Olivia. And we found ourselves at San Cosimo one warm evening, and after a visit to the church, a walk through the zoo and nearby market, my second little bird was growing tiresome in the stroller. To the piazza we went and set Olivia free. She had just taken her first steps but weeks earlier, so there wasn't much running, but she toddled her away around that open square. And she giggled and toddled some more. It was amazing.

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