Friday, January 7, 2011

sofia mia

These pictures I took of Sofia while we were visiting the tiny beach town of Specchiolla, not too far from Mesagne. My family used to rent a home here during the summer when Scott and I were very little and we always had a great time. Going to the beach, riding the little carousel and spending time with friends. Oh and eating. You can never really have a good ol'Italian get together without there being a lot of food involved.

But on this evening, when the girls, my mom and I visited we didn't spend time eating. We took a stroll along the water and watched Sofia going around and around on the car carousel. She was a little hesitant about getting on at first, but once she was on she had a fantastic time. I think her smile proves just how much fun she had.

I love this picture! She just is so happy to be there and holding on tight to her little dandelion weed. And I love how she fits so perfectly on my hip. My own little bird resting on me.

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  1. Love these pics, esp. the one of you two together.



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