Monday, January 3, 2011

wish I were there

Our trip to Italy seems so far away. Pretty soon we'll begin planning for this year's trip and I can't wait. Italy isn't all that far away for my Mom and Dad though since they just arrived there this morning. Kind of a spur-of-the-moment, Christmas present to one another trip. I'm going to miss them, but I am so glad they went. They truly deserve this since they rarely, if ever, do anything for themselves.

My mom didn't tell any of her relatives or friends that they were visiting, so it will be a surprise to everyone. Already she called today to tell me the reactions of the neighbors and some cousins and I just wish I could have seen their faces for myself. The people there are reason enough to go back during any time of the year, rain or shine and I am sure they are all very happy to see them.

I haven't been in Italy during the winter since we lived there but I would love to go back this time of year. Night and day from the summer but still so much fun. Mesagne doesn't get quite as cold as Pennsylvania or Maryland and snow is hardly an issue, but jackets and possibly hats and gloves might be necessary. But I remember during the non-summer months being able to get different sweets at the pastry shop, all the great boots and sweaters at the market and really, cappuccino just tastes so much better on a cold morning. And yes, drinking a cappuccino in Pennsylvania is way different than enjoying it in Italy. There's just something about the air over there that just fills my soul.

Off to dream of Italia...Buona Notte!

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