Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Every New Year's Eve we are so thankful to have our friends from Italy visiting Philadelphia to celebrate the evening together. Since being pregnant with Sofia we have celebrated the exact same way too - at home in comfortable clothes and eating to our heart's content. Then we either have played Wii, Rock Band or this year's main attraction - watch a movie until mid-night. We do watch the ball drop in Times Square and pop open a bottle of champagne. And then a little thereafter, we call it a night and head to bed. It's the best.

Our menu this year consisted of:

Appetizers - hummus and pita chips, cheese and crackers and grapes

Main dish - mushroom risotto

Side dish - Lentils and sausage

Fruit/dessert - grapes and chocolate chip cookie cake


Leandro and his kitchen assistant hard at work at the stove. Did I mention that Leandro is an excellent chef and made the main dish? It was so tasty!

Yummmm, mushroom risotto!

Together again for another New Year's Eve!

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