Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More snow!

This is how I started my day...

Really? More snow?! What we had already hadn't even melted away yet because it's been below freezing for days now and on top of that we now have an additional 6 inches. And they're calling for more of the white stuff this evening. Oh joy. Seems as if it's been the longest couple of months ever.  Yes, I know, it's winter. And with that comes freezing temps and the occasional snowfall. I live in the Northeast and should expect the ups and downs of the 4 seasons. But I'm itching for warm weather and flip flops. And it's only the end of January.

Luckily, I have a three-tier cart devoted to craft supplies. So, that keeps my girls happy when they've watched what I consider enough T.V. I'm sure what they consider enough and what mamma considers enough are two different things, but I'm the boss.  We throw ourselves into stickers, coloring, painting and the occasional seasonal decoration. Sofia practices her scissor-technique and soon the floor is covered in construction paper of all sorts of shapes and sizes. I even made a heart garland for Valentine's Day which the girls loved. Olivia exclaimed "boootiful mamma!" while she watched me hang it in our red room.

While making lunch, I watched Olivia grab her pail, watering can and shovel and say "beach!" to me. She was walking around the house looking for sand and then shoveling it into her pail. It was adorable. (Don't worry, I don't really have sand in my house, she has a great imagination.) Then she stood near the door for awhile saying "beach" over and over and then I realized my poor thing really did want to go to the beach. She is probably getting tired of the cold weather too.

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