Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sofia Ballerina, having fun

My little prima ballerina started back up to ballet classes this morning. I brought Olivia with me and we waited with all the other mommies, grandmommies and siblings in the front entrance. Thankfully, I was prepared with loads of stickers and a coloring book. For me, not Olivia. We were allowed to go into the studio for the last 10 minutes to watch the girls do their thing and the whole time I'm holding Olivia to stop her from running in the middle with her big sister to "dance!" I guess another year or so and I'll be signing her up for ballet as well.

I entered the studio, Olivia in my arms, and Sofia's runs up to us for a hug and kiss. She was so excited to see us and it had only been 35 min. But we did our bacini and off she went, back in line to show off for us. They have this routine that near the end of the session, they form a line and one-by-one the girls go in the center of the room and the instructor helps them "perform" a little something they learned. Be it a twirl or arabesque. Today it was both and then quickly to the mirror to sit quietly (fingers crossed) and watch the other students perform.  Sofia was the first to go and she was so cute. Going first though, I knew it was going to be tough for her to sit the remainder of the time while the others went through their bit. She did really well though and crawled over to me only once for another hug and kiss and then back she went to her spot. I was thrilled!

But I was thinking about it all on our drive home, while preparing lunch and now, as I sit at the computer. Thinking about her having fun. Sure, ballet is a sport where you're supposed to be more composed and patient, but it should also be fun. Something she looks forward to doing. I actually gave her the choice to sign up again for another 6 weeks and she was the one who said yes. But I want her to remember to have a good time. She's only 3 years, 10 months and an odd number of days old anyway. Yes, she needs to learn to follow rules, listen to her instructor, be patient, etc. and all of that may come off negatively. I just want her to know that she can do all that while still having fun too.

I'd loved to not have to force her to do things now or later on in life, but just show her how even doing mundane things can be a good time. "Really, Sofia, washing dishes is a hoot! I LOVE dusting and vacuuming, learning IS fun!" She loves doing so many things that I want her to know that she can have that same kind of enthusiasm in all she does, not just her favorite activities.

How do you teach your kid to do what they have to, but still have fun? It's going to be uhm...well, fun trying to figure that one out!

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