Monday, February 28, 2011

Best name for a children's museum

We took the girls to the Please Touch Museum Saturday morning and like always, they had a great time. Nonna Maria was invited to come with us and I think she was very impressed with the place. It's an incredible space for children with just about everything you can think of that would bring a smile to your face. Unlike previous visits, it was jam-packed but that didn't deter us from playing in almost every area of the museum and watching the girls run from one thing to the other.

The grocery store is a favorite among the girls and I cringe when it's time to move on since there are most always some complaints from our little princesses. They were really good this time though and even helped us put away all the food. With smiles on their faces too! I love that in the "exhibits" are signs up that read "Part of Play is Putting Away." Promoting play AND good manners.

I'd like to title this picture "The Purple Ladies." Sofia's favorite color is purple and she owns a ton of purple pieces. And since I like to dress them in either the same or similar outfits (yes, I know they're not twins), Olivia has gotten used to the color too. Nonna Maria must have been on our same wavelength that morning and I just thought it was cute they were all in purple. It was snack time while watching the carousel go round and round. Neither of the girls wanted to go on that morning though, but we enjoyed watching others and taking a little break.

Check out Olivia's face and the look she's giving Sofia. Clearly, she is not happy about Sofia coming over to the baby pond and splashing it up. Oh Sofia. If you give the girl some water, she will splish, splash to her heart's content.

Finally, a place of her own to splash around happily.


  1. Great Photos, looks like you had a blast! (We love the PTM too, every time I take my 16 month-old it is a different experience for us.)

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes, we all had a great time. My husband and I get really into it to the point where we need to be reminded it's for kids.


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