Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm actually kind of glad I didn't rush through my Italy pictures from last summer and have taken my time sorting and posting them.  And I've reeeeeeally taken my time with them considering it's the end of February already, but I'm ok with it. Not that it was a conscious decision to take my time, I don't allow myself too much time messing around with them in the first place. But however it worked out this way, just brings back memories from a great visit and seeing them all is getting me excited for our next trip.

With this happening, it allows me to look through the pictures a little closer and cross-examine myself a bit. Laugh at the details I chose to focus on (pun intended) and think about other pictures I'd like to take in the future. Of course, taking so long to post them just means more time to be made for the computer because I'm still taking pictures everyday. So, in addition to making the time for Italy pictures, I still make the time for my everyday family pictures. There are not enough hours in a day.

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