Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The other day while washing dishes at the sink, Sofia comes over to my side and sticks her chin on the counter to look in at what I was doing. I looked down and for a second I thought my eyesight was deceiving me because of how tall she looked. Well, she doesn't just look tall, she really is getting so big. My little girl is growing up.

I can not believe that next month we will be celebrating her 4th birthday! She keeps going back and forth on what kind of cake she wants me to make but so far in the running is a Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Care Bear, Duck and a Mia cake. Of course, the "Mia" cake will be the easiest to decorate.  And in perfect Sofia fashion, it could be a hundred other options for the cake. Guess we'll have to see what mindset she's in the day that I'm doing the baking. And aside from books we're not sure what her present will be. We were thinking a bike, with training wheels of course. She already has a helmet from when she learned to ride her tricycle and I would not let her on it without it on.  But with Spring coming (hopefully) and her now being too tall for her tricycle, I think a bike would be the perfect gift.

Ok, now I'm feeling all sappy looking at these pictures. You never really understand when other people say that the time goes so fast until you have kids to watch grow and bloom. Off to do some laundry to take my mind off of my girls getting so big, so fast. A presto!

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