Monday, February 7, 2011


It doesn't happen all of the time, but I love when the house gets quiet during the day. Sometimes it means they've gotten into something they shouldn't. I've come into a room with all the kleenex out of a box spread out over the floor and they're sitting in the middle tearing each into itty, bitty pieces. Another time I was making lunch and found Olivia in the bathroom with the entire toilet paper roll unraveled at her feet. She gave me the best smile when she noticed I was watching her. But other times the quiet means you will find both of my girls sitting and flipping through one book after another. It's the sweetest thing.

Sometimes they're on opposite sides of the room, but when I find them like this, side by side, it melts my heart. Sofia often says that we are her best friends but I feel like she really means it when she says it about Olivia. Yes, there are times that she takes her toys away or pushes her because "she was in my way" but most of the time, they are good together. All of the time I know they really love one another though. And I just hope it continues and grows stronger because family is too important to not make a priority in your life. We will be there for them for anything and I want to make sure they realize that as they get older. And I hope they learn that a sibling is a best friend that will be by your side through it all.

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