Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lasting images

We began cleaning out our office about a week ago and it's turning into a bigger project than expected. We have a pretty decent-sized closet in the office that is our go-to place for stashing stuff that have no other place in the house. As I was trying to make some sense of it all today, I came across a bunch of old pictures that I took. They varied from when we lived in Italy, high school, college, at my first job and more Italy. Actually, a lot of Italy.

When I saw this one picture in particular though, I knew I needed to start scanning pictures to be saved forever. I only took this picture of my Zio Pino and Zia Maria in March 2004, Anthony's first trip to Mesagne, the Spring after we got married. 7 years doesn't seem like too long ago most days, but when I saw this picture, it felt like a million years ago.

My Zia Maria passed away last year after a struggle with cancer. It was years that she suffered, but you never would have really known it until someone told you. On the inside her body was giving up on her. But on the outside she was laughing, making jokes and ordering my Zio Pino around - something she did with great flair and a beautiful smile. They were always poking fun at one another, very playful, talking loud and so much in love. This is that image that I want to keep with me. I think I understand enough about excepting the good with the bad, but these beautiful memories are the ones I want to really last and be around for a very long time.

So, I scan. And scan and scan. So that one day soon all those wonderful pictures come out of hiding in our dungeon closet and out in the open to be shared. Some images will remain on our hard drive while some will be printed out and added to the many albums we have around the house. And others will become fixtures on our shelves and walls to be enjoyed daily, rekindling that precious moment that has since passed us by.

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  1. Great post and that photo is awesome!

    *there's a little ducky


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