Thursday, April 1, 2010

a very good day

I took the girls to Linvilla Orchards this morning to soak up the beautiful weather and take in the fun surroundings. Sofia played at the playground for a little bit and then we went off to look at the animals. We saw horses, goats, sheep and all sorts of fowl from ducks and geese to roosters and turkeys. The girls loved it. Tons of noises to take in and plenty to look at. Definitely sensory overload.

Just before their afternoon nap, we settle down in our red room (appropriately named since there is one red wall in that room) and read books or watch Sofia play some games on the computer. She's gotten really good at most of them and it's the perfect little downtime activity for her.

Olivia wasn't as interested in watching Sofia have fun on the computer so she roamed around the room playing with all the books. She seems to enjoy books just like her older sister. She'll pick one up, flip through it, toss is aside and grab another. And repeat. About 7 or 8 times before we move onto something entirely new.

The three of us took a long nap this afternoon which felt fantastic. Probably explains why I'm still up at this hour too. I had gotten into the habit of napping while they napped a couple times a week when Olivia was first born. For some reason I didn't take advantage of this as often as I should have when Sofia was born. That all changed with Olivia though. Now if I don't have anything pressing to do and am tired, I will lay down most times to read a book, flip through a magazine or take a nap.

That afternoon nap reminds me of being in Italy and having that quiet time. Everything shuts down in town and just about everyone takes a break and naps. Ahh, how I miss siesta time. I got to thinking, why should we only do that when in Italy? It's a nice little custom I'm bringing to the U.S. and will proudly partake whenever I can.

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