Monday, April 12, 2010

Annapolis, MD

Saturday evening Zio Antonio and I took the girls for a walk in downtown Annapolis. Sofia has been before but this was Olivia's first visit and we didn't hear any complaints from her. She sat happily in her stroller the entire time and you would hear an occasional "oooh" from her as we walked along the busy waterfront. Sofia held tightly to my hand the entire walk which I thought was adorable. She was excited to be near the water, but I think our close proximity was a little overwhelming at times for her.

Even though it was kind of a brisk evening, we stopped for gelato which made Sofia very happy. I will admit that it made me happy as well! While it was very good gelato, it got me VERY excited for the real deal come this summer.

Speaking of, I need to book our tickets soon. I play this game with the airline site every year going back and forth with a couple different dates, checking the prices at different times of day and even during the week as opposed to weekends when I've found that they're higher. Eventually, I make our reservations hoping that I got the best deal possible. We'll see how it turns out for us this trip.

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