Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I haven't updated on my photography class lately and I apologize. It's going really well. There are parts of the class discussions in which I do feel as if I am in a little over my head, but it all evens out in the end. The two instructors are great - both extremely talented and just good overall classroom presence. Interesting too is that have pretty opposing personalities but work really well together.

The assignment for this week was difficult. First of all, I tend to over think. A lot. Especially when set with a task. I can make it out to be bigger then it needs to be. So, the assignment was to get a couple people and use them as if for film noir stills. I know what film noir is but I still went online and googled it. I wanted to get the exact definition. Then I looked into movies that fall within that genre. Once I saw the list of films, I went to see what some of the images looked like to get a better idea of ways I could set up my "models."

I prepped Scott that I would be using him over the weekend to be in my pictures. So thankful that Chaela was up for it too and so after Easter dinner on Sunday, I got to work.

I was not very good at giving them directions at first. But I think it got easier for me to ask them to do specific things with their eyes, hands, body language, etc. It was kind of fun. Ok, I'll admit was a lot of fun!

They made it easier for me. Both were so good in front of the camera. Very comfortable which allowed me really just to say one or two things and then I took pictures. And I received good feedback tonight in class which made me so happy. I worked hard on this task and it made me so happy that it came together for me. The instructor even asked to keep the images to use as examples for his other classes.

Ok, enough slapping myself on the shoulder. I'm just proud of myself. What started out as a daunting assignment proved to be a lot of fun.


This is a picture that Scott took of Antonio still within the confines of my assignment. I think it's awesome, but I know...I'm biased. I just wanted to include since Antonio was following me around the house while I took pictures of Scott and Chaela.

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