Monday, April 5, 2010

my big girl and i

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend. The weather was as perfect as it could possibly be for early Spring and I had a date with a very adorable 3-year-old little girl. You can't ask for a more perfect combination. The afternoon was open for her and I since Daddy and Olivia were napping and I was so excited. We went to the park near my parent's house to play on the slides and then for a walk down to the stream. Afterwards, we went to get her an Easter balloon and then shared an ice cream. A truly perfect afternoon with my big girl.

I love taking pictures of Sofia. Every once in awhile, I'll take a picture of her when she's not looking and it breaks my heart. I can't really explain it but this picture of her braid I just love. The way the wind is just picking at her wisps of hair and her little braid just shining in the sun. There's something about it that is so sweet to me.

Just about everyday I say to Anthony "they're never going to be like this again, this exact moment" and seeing this picture exactly captures that feeling. A three-year-old sitting still at a playground, taking in all her surroundings, content to just be near her mama and not running around. I loved it. Even if five minutes later she was up and running because she spotted a plane, it doesn't matter. We had another perfect moment and I just wanted it to last forever.

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