Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more books

I can't say it enough of how much my little girls love books. Sofia has always been a fan of picking up a book and sitting for a good bit of time and will flip cover to cover happily. Getting her to go to sleep at night takes forever because she will get in and out of bed repeatedly to grab another book. It's like she can't get enough. And for the books that she really likes and has us read over and over (and over), you can hear her "reading" to herself too.

At this stage, Olivia loves emptying the shelves of the books one at a time. She is happiest when the shelves and basket of books is empty and she will plop her little self right in the middle of the "mess" she's created and pick each book up to flip through. She's a huge fan of the books with flaps lately and gets really excited when she finds one. My little princess looks like she's concentrating so hard as her chubby fingers lift the flaps so perfectly. Every once in awhile you hear a "rrrrripppp" and Sofia is quick to point out to me that I need to tape a piece down. By perfect I meant she lifts the flap all the way up to see the whole image underneath, by no means does that mean she's at all careful about it 100% of the time.

Our recent library find that Sofia insists upon reading every day are the Jane Yolen "How do Dinosaurs..." collection. Very cute books with adorable illustrations focusing on good behavior. I'm all for anything that stresses that! Anyway, I love them as much as the girls and will definitely be back to the library to check out more in her series.

For anyone in the area, our church garage sale is going on this weekend and we went once already during setup and picked up a handful of children's books. The garage sale is HUGE - set in the school auditorium and has anything and everything you can think of. The sale is this Saturday and Sunday, but if there are things you would like to donate you can drop them off this week and start browsing early. I also picked up a tricycle to take down to my parent's house so the girls will have one there to play with as well as the one we have at our house.

I LOVE garage/yard sale season even though there's nothing ever that I really need. It's always fun to look though and you never know what good deals you will come across.

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