Friday, April 9, 2010

tickled pink

Love those little toes. I could just tickle them all day long and listen to her squeal with laughter. Olivia brings herself to a stand pretty quickly and she gets up on her tip-toes to really stretch for something she wants. It's the cutest thing to see.

Is it mean of me to keep putting things just a tad out of her reach so I can watch her stand and tip-toe for them?

Love that little pink ruffle in her pant leg too. I thought I would get tired of seeing girly colors around the house, but I'm not. I'm starting to pull out Sofia's old summer clothes from the stage Olivia is in now and I'm getting so excited to see her wear some of the things Sofia did. There are even a few things that Sofia never got the chance to wear that I'm getting ready for Olivia. All the little ruffled skirts and dresses for the Spring and Summer are going to look so cute on my little baby girl.

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