Monday, April 19, 2010

Make Week

I love my Google Reader. Either early in the morning, afternoon while the girls are napping or in the evening I get online and scour many awesome blogs. There are a few that are family and friends that have begun a blog to document their lives. Some are blogs about living simply and being frugal. I have a handful of baking and crafting blogs that I love. Then there are the photography blogs that just blow my mind.

The majority of these blogs I came across from going through my reader and finding their links through other blogs. Word of mouth has a whole new meaning in blog-land. And I love it. How else would I have come across this great new blog - Simple Organic. Some really amazing stuff there on some things that I love reading up on...parenting, good nutrition, fun crafts and so much more. I just wish I could make more time to read through everything these incredible women have to say.

A very cool thing they are participating in this week - Make Week. Turning off the tv and making life happen. That's their slogan. Don't you love it?! I certainly do. I'm not a big fan of the tv to begin with. Yes, we love Lost on Tuesday nights, Modern Family on Wednesdays and The Office on Thursdays. A couple more shows fall into our weekly lineup, but honestly we use our DVR often and watch them when we can. Which means that we're doing other things whether it's building a block tower with Sofia or crawling behind Olivia on the floor. Or *GASP* reading one of my own books that I make little time to do anymore.

The TV is rarely on during the day in our house and I love it that way. I let Sofia watch 30-60 minutes between the morning and afternoon but that depends on what we have planned for the day. If we have friends coming over or are going to some activity that means 0 minutes. And I have to say that I usually don't hear a word from her about the lack of TV time. She's only three but she's VERY vocal and I like that she doesn't ask me to just watch TV very often. This is not to say that if she were to ask my answer is always no either. Sometimes some down time in front of the tube is fine, but I would MUCH rather read to her or have her color. Or even better, all go for a walk.

I'm definitely going to try and participate in Make Week this week with the girls. Will I succeed, maybe not. As a stay-at-home-mom, entertaining your kids 24/7 can be trying but I think it's a lot of fun too. I'm going to focus on that fun part though as motivation.


  1. Thanks for the link to the site! We've really cut back on TV in the past year, but I get into ruts sometimes and have it on too much. Time to "make life happen" a bit more :)

  2. Thanks for linking to that, Lis. I hadn't checked out any new simple mom sites since I always feel like my reader is overflowing but I am glad I did and now I subscribe to it too.

    Tuesday is our tv night around here. Otherwise I can take it or leave it and would rather read a book. Now, the computer? I need an intervention :)


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