Friday, April 30, 2010

Arriverderci Aprile

Good-bye to the month of April. It almost seems as if it didn't even happen. Weren't we just buried under several feet of snow in February? Doesn't it feel like yesterday that we celebrated Sofia's 3rd birthday. What happened to April? What went on to account that the month even existed? Each week blended right into the following. Still much to accomplish on my to-do list, that's for sure.

Much to look forward to next month. May will bring Mother's Day, Olivia's first birthday and my brother's wedding. Those 3 very special days alone will make the month so incredible for us all. And make that month fly by. But I don't want to imagine the month as already-come-and-gone. I want to really enjoy each day, to make the most of what I have before me. Because what I have is pretty wonderful. Whether that means planning for a lazy Sunday with the girls and Anthony, spending time with friends and family or being able to cross some much-needed items off my list. Those "things" make up my life, the laid back and relaxed, fun stuff AND the hectic and hurried chores. That's me right now, how it needs to be. And regardless of how fast the time seems to be going, all I need to keep my focus on is making sure I am making the most of how I fill those minutes, hours, and days. Making certain that those moments are made up of "things" that contribute to beautiful memories that will remain with me and last a lifetime.

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