Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a lot of this and a lot of that

The last week or so has been very hectic around the Palumbi home. Anthony and I started some major clean-up projects around the house and while we got some stuff done over the weekend, there is still much to do. I'm planning for Olivia's 1st Birthday Party which is two and a half weeks away. Invites are sent, menu is planned, birthday outfit is made. I decided to try and not be supermom and will be ordering a cake for the guests to enjoy. The smash cake I will make myself. I made Sofia's 1st Birthday smash cake and will be fair and make Olivia's as well. It will be simple, but cute.

Last week, Sofia and I checked in on our renters on the side patio. They all seem to be doing well and I can't wait to see the little ones once they hatch. On a side note...I had made hard-boiled eggs last week and in the process of devouring one, Sofia asks me "where is the little birdie from that egg?" Ugh. I felt bad almost immediately. After I finished eating my egg, I told her that not all eggs have little birdies inside of them. Some are for eating and others are for baby birds. She seemed satisfied with that answer. For now anyway.

With the little spare time that I have, I have been focusing on our big house project for this year - the kitchen! Woohoo for new counters, floor and cabinets! We're in the process of getting estimates and researching materials. This may or may not include a new refrigerator and sink which effects the layout of everything. It's overwhelming but in a fun way. We're obviously trying to find the best deal on everything and that alone is tiring.

This is the kitchen now...can't wait for the after picture at the end of the summer!

Want to hear something sweet? My wonderful husband brought me flowers yesterday after work. I thought it was because of the busy weekend and that I was feeling under the weather yesterday, but no. He remembered our first kiss anniversary. How great is he?!?

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