Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grace's 1st Holy Communion

This past weekend we were in Maryland to celebrate Grace's 1st Holy Communion. Saturday was a gorgeous day and we gathered together for my god-daughter. It really was incredible. Surprisingly, I managed to leave my camera at home for the ceremony. Awful, but luckily others took pictures which I will hopefully receive to mark such an important event in our lives. I did get my act together and picked up my camera on the way to the restaurant for the reception and snapped a few pics during the fun.

Olivia napped at my parent's house while Sofia participated in the festivities at the restaurant. She LOVES Grace and Grace is always so good with her too. Wished they lived closer to one another but I am sure they will have a very special relationship, just like Grace's mommy and I do. 

It's been awhile since Anthony and I got our picture taken together. I need to get better about this since we have about 1 billion pictures of us together before having kids and like 10 afterwards. Ok, maybe not 10. More like 18.

Uncle Nick and Zia Lisa were very happy to be there to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Chase, now awake, was happily carried around from one guest to another. He was such a trooper throughout the reception, he's going to fit in just fine with the family!

Good times!

Grace and her daddy

Grace and her mommy cutting the cake. Daniela showing her daughter the fine points of perfect cake cutting. Sofia watching on to make sure she got a piece. My little sweet-tooth!

So proud of Grace. Such a beautiful day with family and from start to finish, it was perfect!

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