Saturday, September 24, 2016

Benvenuti ad Alba Adriatica

The day after the festival in Mesagne, we left on a five-hour car ride to spend a week in Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo with Anthony's mom, sister, nephew and niece. A week of fun in the sun, biking in the evening down lungomare, afternoon naps, pizza, gelato, pizza, gelato, get the picture.

I got into a lovely routine each morning to rise before the others and head to the beach for a walk, some pictures and then breakfast...all on my own. It was lovely. One of my favorite things are the quotes found on some brand of sugar packets at the bars.

"Ogni giorno e un giorno in piu per amare, un giorno in piu per sognare, un giorno in piu per vivere"
Padre Pio

Every day is a day to love more, dream more, live more. Everything sounds better in Italian. 

In the evenings, the kids became accustomed to bike rides, gelato and going to the rides. I got used to a light drink on the balcony and the moon rising over the Adriatic.

These kids are beyond fortunate for their experience each summer in Italy. So happy they enjoy it and one another too!

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