Friday, September 16, 2016

Encouraging reading

I love to read. Like a lot. Will read just about anything and everything. Since all three of mine were babies, I have read to them pretty consistently whether it's an age-appropriate book for them or I'm reading from my own book or magazine and they're cuddled up beside me. Now that my older two have been reading on their own, there is less of me reading to them but rather them reading to me. And I love it.

Their teachers encourage reading and want them to continue at home to read at a minimum 15-20 minutes a day. Now that school has started finding that time at home can be difficult sometimes but I throw it in there before or after dinner, before or after baths and also before bedtime. I also let them choose what they want to read. If Olivia wants to read a toddler book to Mario, I'm all for it. If Sofia wants to read a recipe out loud to me while I'm in the kitchen, awesome. Both girls love going through my HGTV magazines as well and I'm ok with that. If they end up relaying a great little tip on keeping the house tidy or coming across a delicious-sounding new recipe, two birds, one stone I say.

Let them pick a favorite spot in the house and their reading material and you might be amazed at how much easier getting in those 15-20 minutes a day can be. 

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