Sunday, September 18, 2016

A morning at Maple Acres Farms

If you're looking for a simple morning out with little ones, look no further than Maple Acres Farms in Plymouth Meeting. A farm that is perfect to explore and enjoy AND take home some wholesome goodies as well. On a perfect fall-like morning, Mario and I walked through the zinnia fields, picked our own flowers, visited the animals, got to see a tractor up close and had a snack by the koi pond.

I love that we live so close to this little slice of farm life. The staff is incredibly friendly, prices very reasonable and so much to take in for a perfect morning out with your little one.

The flower fields were incredible. I don't feel like my photos do them justice though, seeing the rows upon rows of zinnia as well as other flowers against the backdrop of a bright blue sky was breathtaking.

And all this wholesome goodness! I wanted to buy it all up. Mario especially loved the baby pumpkins. Tis the season!

Mario really enjoyed spending time at the koi pond and talking to them. And he really did talk to them asking about their day and what they were doing and why they were looking at him. Love a talkative 2 and a half year old.

These chicks gave us the best show. They were huddled inside their coop and as soon as they heard us outside, they literally came running down the ramp which made for a very happy little boy.

All smiles while talking to the chicks.

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