Tuesday, September 20, 2016

if photos could speak...

Santa Maria al Bagno, 21 Giugno 1964 

I brought back a handful of family pictures from my parent's this past weekend and am beginning the process of scanning and savoring. Some have no information as to where and when, while others have so much. Such as this one of my nonna and nonno at a coastal town in Puglia, not far from Mesagne in 1964.

Knowing that information and seeing this image I can structure my own story to the day...The 21st was a Sunday, two days after my Nonna's birthday on the 19th, and they both must have had the day off from work.  My nonna worked in the farms and my nonno worked at the train station in Mesagne and back then you didn't work on Sundays in Italy. You simply enjoyed the day however you saw fit. I don't know who took their picture, but I'd like to think they laughed out loud at the spontaneous posing.

I love their carefree smiles, her windswept hair and of course, her leg draped over his shoulder. My nonna was a feisty one. My nonno was a smoker and you can see his cigarette dangling in between his fingers on his left hand. His outfit was a very typical selection for him and featured in many pictures that we have of him. The town, Santa Maria al Bagno, is located on the Ionian Sea, where while you can't appreciate it from this particular picture, but the waters are a perfect crystal blue.

It's definitely going to be a day trip for me on my next visit to Puglia to try and locate this very spot. 

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