Monday, September 19, 2016

Downtown Annapolis

The kids and I enjoyed a night with my parents this past weekend that also allowed me some time to myself to get out and take some pictures in one of my favorite American cities...Annapolis, Maryland. The perfect-sized seaport town for walking, taking in the boutiques, restaurants and of course, the sailing life. And you don't need to be a veteran sailor to enjoy this town either, I've never sailed and I love the atmosphere.

The quaint architecture, the curbside decor, all the patriotic love...Annapolis has a lot to offer in the way of photography subjects. 

Not certain what this flowering bush was, but it smelled delightful.

If I had my own shop, you'd better believe there would be a quote-a-day going on outside for passersby reading pleasure. 

And you can't visit Annapolis without stopping into Kilwin's. Well, you could not go but that would be a huge mistake as there is something for everyone in the way of delicious sweets. The girls were very excited to see me carrying a bag in hand when I returned.


  1. I LOVE Annapolis! The little alley you took a picture of is my favorite.....I also love the Annapolis Pottery Shop.

  2. That sign in one of the last pictures is from the Annapolis Pottery Shop, it's such a great store. I love Annapolis too!


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