Saturday, September 3, 2016

a girl with a view

So, I'm the strange girl with a big camera walking around Mesagne's centro storico taking pictures in the middle of the afternoon on a hot summer day. It's strange because 1. everyone is inside their cool homes at this hour resting 2. I'm taking pictures of everything and anything I fall in love with from kittens curled up napping to strolling the alleys to broken doors and simple everyday images dotting the streets and 3. did I mention this is the hottest part of the day and I'm lazily strolling around taking pictures?!? You will remember the first sentence I prefaced with "strange girl." I gave you fair warning.
This is one of my favorite times of day in Mesagne partially because there are very few (if any) people out and about so I don't feel intimidated by any peculiar glances or stares. I can roam the streets and encounter no one as I indulge myself with one beautiful angle after another. Also I love how the bright sun shines within the streets casting romantic shadows along alleyways or completely blinding you against the whitewashed walls. It's the best of both worlds for me.

I love all the little side streets of centro storico as much as their main street that runs right down the middle. There's always something new to me to discover and capture and that's saying a lot because I spend time in centro storico each summer taking pictures. Each year there is something a little different, something new, something that once was and no longer is or the light shines a little differently and makes it appear more beautiful to me this time.

I see the weathered doors, the beautiful homes adorned with flowers, the graffiti, the vine-covered walls, the shuttered windows and the churches looming up above you and devour it all with my camera. I never can finish taking pictures of it all. I don't stop and relish in the fact that I will long have these images to hold onto and remind me of my afternoon alone with my favorite part of town.

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