Monday, September 26, 2016

Tortoreto Alto, Abruzzo

While we were in Abruzzo this past summer, we spent an evening in the medieval town of Tortoreto Alto. We had dinner with a view of the valley below, strolled the cobblestone streets, enjoyed a small fair and town celebration and of course, I took pictures.

In the picture above, the Gran Sasso can be seen in the distance and is a staple image for most of Abruzzo as they span a good bit of area. Much of Abruzzo looks like that picture to me, a quilt fanned out over the hills, speckled with homes, towns and farms.

There isn't much that I don't try to photograph, especially when in Italy. I think it's all rather magnificent no matter how worn, battered or typical it may look.

A mostly red bricked up wall that is crumbling and under construction or a simple door knocker against a faded blue door...

A flowering potted plant added to a stone windowsill is breathtaking to me...

The elaborate doors on some of the houses were really incredible. Being a Leo, I particularly loved this door knocker.  My future door knocker.

You might be thinking if you've seen one weathered door against a stone wall, you've seen it all and there's no need for more. But that just isn't true. Each stone wall, each door, each town has it's own story that has it's own worth to be absorbed and captured.

The kids loved visiting a town they had never been to before and appreciated it even more once they found out it was considered medieval. The girls love hearing about how these towns we visit in Italy have been around for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Most have their own castles, statues depicting battles fought, fairs to celebrate the town and it's inhabitants and so much history that it's always worth another visit to learn more.

We had dinner at a restaurant that specializes in pizza and arrosticini (beef on a stick) which Mario truly enjoyed...always helps to add that the majority of towns we visit are going to have something delicious for your little foodies.

And most always, flowers to be picked too.

And views for the photog mama.

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